Jewelry Care

Care, not repair

Your jewelry is special to you.  You value the sentiment, the beauty, the artistic quality of your favorite piece.  Costly repairs can be minimized by regular checking and maintenance. And be sure to remove any jewelry before swimming in chlorinated  pools or hottubs or using chlorine cleaning products. Beware also of chemicals used in hair salons. We are amazed at the condition of items over 100 years old. Take care of your jewelry and one day it will be treasured by another.

We are pleased to offer jewelry cleaning and certain repair services. We also manufacture and sell small, self-contained ionic jewelry cleaners for your home use to help keep your jewelry sparkling like new. Click here to learn more about Speed Brite Ionic Jewelry Cleaners.

And, we would like to offer tips for cleaning and caring for your jewelry. Visit our Jewelry Tips page, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about caring for your jewelry.  Be sure to share your favorite tips with our other viewers.  Your comments are always welcomed.