The Gold Buyer

Monday - Thursday, 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

We buy only karated and trademarked sterling and gold and can return stones larger than 2mm.

If you are bringing silver, look for a stamp saying sterling or 925. Sterling is 92.5% silver, hence 925. 

The price of gold you hear advertised is for 24K gold, 100% gold. Divide the karat by 24 and you will know the percentage of gold in the piece. For example, 10K divided by 24K is .41666. 10K gold is 41.6% gold. The rest is alloy.  14K is 58.3% gold.  You may see 14K or 585 on your piece.

A 10K ring may be marked 10K, 10KP (plumb gold) or 417 (41.666% gold). The maker's trademark guarantees the gold content. Of course, anyone could stamp 10K on any piece. Therefore, we will test for karat when puchasing your metal.

We pay a percentage based on the gold price for that day.