Your Hometown Charms

There are few things more special than the sweet memories of the place we call home. Iconic buildings, places and spaces hold a special place in our hearts. Our collection of architectural miniatures gives you a chance to hold on to those memories forever.

These individually crafted, silver or gold pieces can be used as charms, pendants, lapel pins, cufflinks and bookmarks. Create a theme bracelet like Taste of the Town,  featuring popular area eateries. Or support Kannapolis History Associates by collecting What-a-Burger, A L Brown HS, Gem and Swanee Theaters, Cannon Mills Sign, G W Carver and Winecoff Schools, DAR Well, GIA House and THE BELL.

Come see these special charms for yourself, pick out the ones that mean the most to you, and carry a piece of your hometown with you wherever you go.

Here is a small sample of our Hometown Charms. Visit our Facebook page to see more.