Windsor Gallery has a beautiful selection of bridal jewelry to fit your style. In our shop, you will find a brilliant selection of diamonds and mountings, as well as talented jewelry artisans who can customize and create pieces as special as the love they represent. 

Do you have your own precious stones you'd like to see in a custom-made ring? We can use your stones and our craft to create traditional, classic or contemporary pieces - whatever your style may be.

We've also embraced the trend of "engaging in color" by adding colorful stones to engagement rings or wedding bands to give them a vibrant and unique look. Our selection of gemstones can be set in a beautiful mounting alongside diamonds or stones of your own to add a splash of color to your bridal jewelry.

Visit our shop and let us work with you to make that special piece of bridal jewelery you've been dreaming of a reality. Inspiration starts with conversation, so make an appointment today. 

Learn more from the Gemological Institute of America about selecting and purchasing diamonds.